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Experienced Pro Photographer

Professional for Over 20 Years

Photographer of Celebrities, Athletes, and Musicians

Published in Newspapers and Magazines throughout the World

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You can read this book at your own pace. Each page will help you learn to shoot stunning photos with only a smartphone.  

You will learn simple tips and secrets that you can use every time you shoot photos.  

You will learn to squeeze all the juice out of every pixel when taking pictures with your smartphone! Plus, you’ll learn how to get the most color and contrast in every shot you take.  

What you learn will dazzle your friends when they see that your photos have become tremendous hits on Instagram, Facebook and on your website or blog. You will benefit from the skills and experience of a highly successful photographer who enjoys sharing his secrets, skills, and step-by-step instructions. His proven method works and you can see proof in numerous photos in the book, which will inspire you to create your own!  

to improve your photos! 

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What I will teach you: My specialty is showing budding photographers how to take photos of people, sports, animals or food. You can use the skills you learn from this book to take pictures of any subject.

Within one morning or afternoon of reading you will see a tremendous improvement in your photos. Others will notice this in your new photos and will say "Wow! Cool!!” and will ask you "How did you DO that?" 

Even if you don't know a lot about camera controls, or if you have limited experience using photo apps, you will learn how to ensure that your photos are sharp and vibrant. You’ll learn to use apps to make your photos pop! Pro photographers like me know lots of secrets to making ordinary people, objects, and food look amazing. It's not about the camera you use, it's all about having a creative eye.  

I teach you how to get a "creative eye" It's not as hard you you may think. In fact, it's easy, but you would not think of these tips and secrets on your own because they are not obvious!  

That's where an expert photographer and instructor comes in. In my book I provide you with a list of 9 photo secrets that you can use right away. 

Unsure of whether this book is right for you? 
Here is my recommendation:

Ask yourself: "Are my photos dynamic, rich and colorful? Do I wish I could improve my photography?

Try to find answers to your creative questions on YouTube or by searching online.

Did you find the answers to your questions, and did they help you take better photos?

If you can’t find the info you need easily you may be ready to take the next step and get a book about creative photography written just for people like you who want to impress their friends with photo awesomeness!  

If you want to rock it with your photos and you are confident that it's finally time to step up your photo game, this is just the book for you!  

for just $19.99 you will get all the creative photo instruction you want - all in one place. you will  get tips and secrets you can use right away with your smartphone, point-and-shoot or dslr. the ideas will excite your creative eye no matter what camera you use!  
if you are not absolutely delighted, you will get a complete refund instantly! no questions asked.

Why make all of the "rookie mistakes" when you’re learning? When I bought my first DSLR, the camera salesman tried selling me all kinds of accessories that were pretty useless: a tool to clean my camera's sensor (something you don't want to attempt yourself!), a device to calibrate my computer monitor, and a specialty lens filter, to name a few.  

Fortunately, I'm a pro, so I knew better than to buy these useless items (well, in truth, I am easily persuaded by salesmen - I bought the monitor calibrator and a white balance filter - both items expensive and completely useless). Live and learn!

What Others Are Saying...

“I’m looking forward to learning new tips and skills. The first tip I did was put down my big camera and picked up my compact (since I’ve never “mastered” the use of either). It’s nice to have someone that I feel is honest and fair to ask questions of, thank you.”
— Patti H., California
Wow this is such a creative and easy-to-understand book. I will definitely reference it for using my Nikon, and I love Secret #6 haha.
— Olivia C., New York
Thank you very much for your book unsnapshots. It’s terrific! I started it this morning and love it! You’re a very talented fellow. You explain things in an easy going wonderful way with great, helpful insights.
— Steve H., Washington

Instead of buying stuff you don’t need, wouldn't it be great to know what you do need? 

This book shows you which camera accessories will be useful to you. It shows you only the tools you need to take awesomely creative photos that amaze and delight friends.  

Remember: If you don't invest in top quality photo instruction, your photos WON'T improve…If you look at mediocre photos and only read the boring manual that came with your camera, your photos will never improve.

This Book Shares “The Photo Secrets” which are not found anywhere else. They are a kind of “Magic Formula” that will teach you:

To avoid using flash for indoor photos

To use window light for faces

That you don't need a fancy DSLR camera

How to set your camera's auto exposure dial to "Av"

Why it is best to shoot photos in the early morning or just after sunset

People only want to see photos of celebrities, themselves, friends and families

How to get inspired with creative ideas for things you’ll love to photograph!

TAKE THE FIRST STEP to improve your photos. 

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The author is a professional photographer who has photographed hundreds of celebrities, musicians, artists and other famous people over the years. His photos have appeared in the New York Times, USA Today and Forbes Magazine.

This book shows you how to shoot stunning photos called UNSNAPSHOTS with your iPhone, camera phone, or any small camera.

This book is for people just like you—people who love photography but don’t want to carry around a big bulky camera.

You can think of this book as your own personal photo coach—there for you whenever you need help taking pictures.

By following the simple, easy-to-understand steps outlined in this book you’ll start to quickly improve as a photographer and start taking better photos right away.

If you’ve always wanted a photo course but never had the time, this is just the book for you.

TAKE THE FIRST STEP to improve your photos. 


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